Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink Hard to Love

Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink: The song Typa Girl is placed under the label Blackpink. What is Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink release in English language on 16 September 2022. This Typa Girl Lyrics by Blackpink  is written by Bekuh Boom. Inside the song Typa Girl  , music was given by Bekuh Boom and Dominsuk. In this article, the complete information about Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink is available below.

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Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink
Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink

Typa Girl Lyrics Blackpink song information

Song: Typa Girl
Singer: Black Pink
Lyrics: Bekuh Boom
Music: Bekuh Boom & Dominusco
Music Label: Black Pink
Characteristic: Black Pink
Release date: 16 September 2022

Typa Girl Who Makes You Dream (Me)
Typa Girl Who Came Straight Off the Screen (Screen)
Typa Girl You Want Ice Up, Make Me Freeze (Ha, Ha)
Typa Girl You Want Wife Up, Sign The Pre

I bring money to on the all table, not your and dinner
my body and my bank account,
good figure to think of me, but nothing to consider that
I’ll let you into my circle, you’re a winner

Didn’t know you were cold ’till you feel my fire
The gate of heaven just opened, those who listen
If you say so some something else, you’re a liar

Cause I’m the girl who drives you crazy
but you can’t leave me alone you think
Maybe, I’ve become supernatural
cast you into spells or look into a crystal ball
I’m not like these girls other girls at all
hoon me typa girl who forgets you
that you have a type
got the type you love me
is when the only thing you’ve done
is that i’m that typa girl, i’m that typa girl
I am that typa girl, I am that typa girl

Typa Girl Lyrics – FAQ

Question-1. When was Typa Girl Lyrics released?

Answer– Typa Girl Lyrics released on 16 September 2022.

Question-2. In which category was Typa Girl placed?

Answer– Typa Girl got into Blackpink category

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